Looking for EU Citizens !

For the first time ever, various potential majorities can shape political life in the next five years. In the small dynamic infography below you can navigate in the forecasts for the June 2024 elections for each Country and each EU political group. This gives you a glimpe of how the European Parliament could look likeContinue reading “Looking for EU Citizens !”

It’s about time to have a debate on cars.

The future of cars is most probably one of the most concrete decision to be made by the European Union during this term. Yet, it has not generated a real pan-European debate until both the German Finance and Transport ministers triggered a controversy, and stopped the adoption process. It was five minutes to mighnight forContinue reading “It’s about time to have a debate on cars.”

The Social Cimate Fund: A drop in the bucket of the Green Deal

Last week, the European Parliament adopted the European Social Fund with the ambition of “leaving no one behind”. This week, Member States are discussing it with some countries reluctant to increase it. But is the Social Fund enough to really leave no one behind in the fight against Climate change ? The response is clearlyContinue reading “The Social Cimate Fund: A drop in the bucket of the Green Deal”

Climate transition cannot be a coin toss game

The European Parliament’s debacle on the climate & energy package on the 8 of June is more than just an accident. The rejection of the carbon market (ETS) by 340 votes to 265 is a rout, revealing a profound dysfunction in parliamentary work that threatens the credibility of the Green Deal as a whole. AContinue reading “Climate transition cannot be a coin toss game”

A big gap between citizens & EU decisions

Some 70% of Europeans feel they have no say in decisions, laws and policies that affect the EU as a whole. This is the main finding of the latest Eurobarometer survey released by the European Parliament on the relationship between the EU and its citizens, as well as the public policy expectations of the EuropeanContinue reading “A big gap between citizens & EU decisions”

Big on big things, small on small things

The European Parliament presented its last rolling survey on EU Citizens expectations toward the European Union: what the top priorities should be? In the context on the COVID pandemic, health policy (42%) jumped from the fifth to the first place in the priorities, taking the top step on the podium to climate change (39%) whichContinue reading “Big on big things, small on small things”

The desire for Europe

Is the European Union the far and cold body often depicted with its long corridors, blue-grey meeting rooms with interpretation boots, formal speeches and boring lines to takes that fuel the administrative machinery every day ? Probably yes, partly, but it is only up to us to make it a lively, people-centric place; to makeContinue reading “The desire for Europe”

End of the world, end of months

The end of the world, and the end of months. These realities with all the antagonistic challenges going along should be at the core of the agenda of the European institutions. According to the last pan-European study designed for the European Parliament, EU citizens want the European Union to address as a priority the fightContinue reading “End of the world, end of months”