Big changes ahead for our packaging

The European Parliament has taken a significant step forward in the fight against the growing mountain of packaging waste within the EU : nearly 190 kilograms per person annually. This move aims to establish reusing and recycling targets, heralding a win for the environment, public health, and the circular economy. The Parliament’s vision aligns withContinue reading “Big changes ahead for our packaging”

EU Cracks Down on Political Ads

Our votes is not a product like others ! The European Union decided on groundbreaking legislation to ensure transparency in political advertising. This game-changing agreement mandates clear labels on political content, allowing users to access vital information about its funding source and origin.

Eating cells or food ?

Lab-grown food, produced from cells, raises debates on its environmental impact and benefits compared to traditional farming. Some liken it to the 50s vision of meal-replacing pills. Scientists and MEPs express doubts about its efficiency and resource consumption. Further exploration is urged

Musk v. Breton: two visions of individual protection

Elon Musk and Thierry Breton are embroiled in a digital battle over freedom of speech and social media responsibility. Breton, the European Commission’s Internal Market Commissioner, has issued formal requests for information under the Digital Services Act (DSA) to platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Google/YouTube. The showdown raises crucial questions about the balance between free expression and regulation in the digital sphere.

Cleaner Vehicles: “rationality over iresponsible activism” ?

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee proposes new regulations for cleaner vehicles, aiming to reduce harmful emissions and enhance battery durability. Get the latest updates on emission standards and environmental initiatives.

Afraid by Arfiticial intelligence for EU elections ?

Luminate’s recent survey uncovers widespread concerns among German and French citizens regarding the potential risks posed by AI and deepfake technology to electoral processes. The study also highlights a strong emphasis on personal data protection and a growing awareness of social media’s impact on democracy.