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Breaking the Brussels bubble has become the motto repeated many times in the public debate. But it has never been put into motion at large scale, with the right level of ambition. A sweet dream for some, it might also be a nightmare for a few. With Voice of Europe, our ambition is to make it a reality on a daily basis. European citizens should be the compass that guides every decision taken by the European Union. Europe does not exist for its institutions. Europe exists for its citizens. Institutions must permanently serve all Europeans. It is up to each of us to bring this ambition to life.

For decades, most of the agenda at European level has been business-oriented. But time has changed. Since 2019, regulations are not only affecting the way products and services are delivered to the Europeans. New regulations have the ambition to change the way of life of Europeans, influencing the way we live. It cannot be business at usual.

The future of our food, the way we move, the eco-conception of our houses and the way we consume in general is being designed at large scale by European institutions and will be decided in the coming year with hundreds of regulations included in the Green Deal and the Digital agenda, both at the core of EU priorities. 

This paradigm shift in the European agenda calls for a paradigm shift in the way European society is involved in the public debate. If EU regulations need 4 to 7 years to become tangible and effective at local level, as EU citizens, we cannot afford waking up in a few years realising that the choices made by the European Union are not our choices. People must be embarked in these decisions that will have major impact in all of our lives. 

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