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EU Cracks Down on Political Ads

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Our votes is not a product like others ! The European Union decided on groundbreaking legislation to ensure transparency in political advertising. This game-changing agreement mandates clear labels on political content, allowing users to access vital information about its funding source and origin.

Additionally, a database will be established, preserving political ads for seven years, accessible to authorities and journalists. The scope extends to cover companies, NGOs, and associations running election-influencing campaigns. Notably, restrictions on transnational campaigns will be lifted, simplifying the process for political groups.

However, provisions against foreign interference won’t take effect before the June 2024 European elections. The agreement also addresses targeting, strictly limiting the use of personal data for political ads.

Fines of up to 6% of advertising service providers’ global turnover could be imposed for violations. While some provisions will take effect soon, the full rollout is slated for 2024. Therefore, what do you think, do you agree this is a major leap forward in safeguarding our democracy?

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