Packaging : Recycling v. Re-use

cheerful woman taking photo of blue burger

On October 24th, the European Parliament’s Committee on Environment, Health, and Food Safety will cast a crucial vote on a game-changing packaging proposal which will have an impact on all consumers. The aim? To cut packaging waste and boost recycling across the EU.

Left-wing parties have rallied behind a plan to make all packaging recyclable by 2030. However, the right-wing groups remain skeptical. Italy leads the charge against mandatory re-use, echoing concerns from fast-food and packaging industries.

Fast food faces a shift: the proposal demands a 15% reduction in packaging waste by 2040. The left wing compromise promises sweeping changes. Soft drinks (20%) and alcoholic beverages (10%) must come in refillable bottles by 2030. Reusable transport packaging should be the new norm, both for consumers and businesses.

Say goodbye to disposable plastic! Fruits and veggies under 1 kg couldn’t be sold in single-use packaging. Hotels should switch to refillable shampoo dispensers, while major eateries like McDonald’s should serve on reusable crockery.

Oversized packaging should be out. It would be strictly limited – no more than 40% empty space in shipments.

As the vote approaches, the battle lines are drawn. The fate of our packaging future hangs in the balance. Stay tuned for the November plenary session.

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