Cleaner Vehicles: “rationality over iresponsible activism” ?

car exhaust pipe

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has put forward new suggestions to make cars, vans, buses, and trucks cleaner. They want to limit the harmful emissions that vehicles release into the air, like nitrogen oxides and tiny particles. They’re also asking for stronger rules for bigger vehicles like buses and trucks. The current rules will stay in place for cars and vans until July 2030, and for buses and trucks until July 2031. They’re also looking at making electric vehicles more eco-friendly by reducing pollution from brakes and tires and making the batteries last longer. The committee is also suggesting a sort of ‘green passport’ for cars, which will show how eco-friendly they are. Alexandr Vondra, who’s in charge of the report, said they’re trying to find a good balance between helping the environment and not hurting the car makers or the people who use their vehicles.

Next Steps: The proposals will now be discussed and potentially amended by the wider European Parliament. If they are approved, they will form the basis for negotiations with the European Council before becoming law. This process is known as the ordinary legislative procedure

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