It’s about time to have a debate on cars.

The future of cars is most probably one of the most concrete decision to be made by the European Union during this term. Yet, it has not generated a real pan-European debate until both the German Finance and Transport ministers triggered a controversy, and stopped the adoption process. It was five minutes to mighnight for the combustion engine.

In a way, it was about time to have a serious debate on this issue ! The term of the discussion is not that complicated – for once at EU level !

At this stage, the draft decision only bet on electric cars after 2035, setting a strict definition of zero emission vehicles, at car level, not taking into account the full energy cycle : the emissions to run and build the car are not included. Now the question is the following: should we keep also — together with Electric Cars — combustion engines as long as they are run with carbon neutral fuels.

This is the position defended by Germany and a group of countries, willing to keep combustion engine alive.

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