A big gap between citizens & EU decisions

Some 70% of Europeans feel they have no say in decisions, laws and policies that affect the EU as a whole. This is the main finding of the latest Eurobarometer survey released by the European Parliament on the relationship between the EU and its citizens, as well as the public policy expectations of the European institution. 

In 12 EU Member States, there has been a decrease of at least three percentage points since November-December 2020 in the proportion of respondents who feel that their voice counts in the EU. The largest decreases are observed in Lithuania (25%, -12 PP), Romania (36%, -9 PP) and Latvia (15%, -8 PP). These recent figures reflect what was already apparent from this summer’s opinion survey, in which the majority of respondents felt that they have little or no say in important decisions, laws and policies that affect them. This same feeling increases with the distance from the sphere of governance under consideration. 

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