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We are a Citizen-based, non political initiative aiming at putting Citizens at the center of EU decision-making process, promoting engagement and participation of the people to the European project in Brussels, Strasbourg and beyond.

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Breaking the Brussels bubble has become the motto repeated many times in the public debate. But it has never been put into motion at large scale, with the right level of ambition. A sweet dream for some, it might also be a nightmare for a few. With Voice of Europe, our ambition is to make it a reality on a daily basis. European citizens should be the compass that guides every decision taken by the European Union. Europe does not exist for its institutions. Europe exists for its citizens. Institutions must permanently serve all Europeans. It is up to each of us to bring this ambition to life.

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Our focus is to increase the understanding of EU citizens expectations, and raise awareness of EU institutions on these expectations taking into account the diversity of the European Union.


We are all part of the European Union. This project belongs to its Citizens, not to a small circle of experts or officials. Send us your contributions and be part of our work.


We can all contribute to define the future and make a difference. Alone we go faster, but together we go further. We definitely want to go far together and bring the EU project to the next step.